For each client we’ll mould and customise our approach.



Focus is critical for accomplishment. It's a time for immersion (understanding your business and vision); exploration (testing assumptions, adding insight); and business fundamentals (helping clients to refine value proposition, secure funding and more).

Expect Focus to be intense, challenging and refreshing. The result? An energised, informed partnership, ready to build something amazing.

  • Share objectives & align goals
  • Secure resources
  • Review Business Strategy
  • Develop brand


Engineer is when you start to see your idea take shape. We'll gather and define your requirements. Then we'll move into our flexible, accountable Agile development process. This offers the chance to make changes throughout and is optimised for rapid delivery of branding, prototypes, MVP and pixel-perfect apps, websites and more.

The Igniva difference embraces a culture of collaboration; our skilled specialists work in teams, providing access to multiple sources of expertise in each discipline. This means there is no single point of failure and aggregated input from people who know their craft.

  • Scope
    • Gather requirements
    • Plan Implementation
  • Concept
    • Develop IA
    • Plan systems architecture
    • Devise marketing strategy
    • UX and UI principles
    • Clickable prototype
    • User testing
  • Build
    • Brand development
    • UI design & testing
    • Content
    • Front & backend dev
    • Mobile development
    • User testing
    • QA
  • Launch
    • Digital Marketing
    • SEO & SEM
    • Analytics


Momentum follows the delivery of a product that delights you and your customers alike, with a roadmap for future development and prosperity. But where others see a finish line, we're just getting started with stamina-style tactics and the continued application of a challenger mindset whatever size of business you are.

For start-ups, we'll help you with marketing, scalable backend IT, growth hacks and development. Growing a business presents challenges, but Igniva can eliminate barriers to market by helping you with replatforming, a new digital strategy or even a nimbly-executed pivot. Enterprise clients intent on disruption turn to us for our intrinsic capabilities in delivering exceptional product enhancement, strategic analysis or even full scale digital transformation.

  • Growth hacking (technical, product, marketing)
  • Product realignment & diversification
  • Strategic replanning
  • Systems analysis
  • Replatforming
  • Digital transformation